All music produced and arranged by Philippe Delettrez and Sirima
Mixed by: James Farber, Claude Grillis and Claude Ermelin
Engineer: Claude Grillis and Claude Ermelin
Additional engineering: Philippe Valdès and Petros Drossos
Engineering assistants: Petros Drossos, Philippe Valdès and Philippe Bouasse
Recorded and mixed at Studio Davout in February, March, April, July 1989
(special thanks to Olivier and Ricardo)

A part of me recorded live at Studio Davout on the third of September 1989

Mastered by Christian Orsini (Translab)
Drums: Manu Katché
Electric bass: Pino Palladino and Serge Sallibur
Double Bass: Jean-Paul Celea
Percussions: Yves Sana and Marc Chantereau
Piano: Jean-Yves d'Angelo, Maurice Vander, Raoul Duflot-Verrez, Véronique Fiszman
Additional piano: Sirima and Philippe Delettrez
Keyboards: Jean-Yves d'Angelo
Guitar: Sirima
Additional guitar: Kahatra Sasorith
EWI: Bruno Ribera
Vibraphone: Gilles Perrin
Harmonica: Jean-Jacques Milteau
Flute: Bruno Ribera
Saxophone solos: Michel Gaucher
Drum programming: Jean-Fran�ois Delettrez
Brass section:
Trumpets: Antoine Russo and Kako Bessot
Saxophones: Michel Gaucher and Pierre Holassian
Trombones: Jacques Bolognesi and Alex Perdigon
Brass orchestration: Ivan Jullien
String arrangement concept by Sirima and Philippe Delettrez - arranged by Ivan Jullien
Performed by L'Orchestre Symphonique d'Europe
(special thanks to Eric Walter and Laurent Kupferman)
Conducted by Olivier Holt:

Paul Amphoux, Kate Browning, Venzeslava Choikova, Evelyne Corbin, Carlos Cuesta-Lop, Laurence Desmeau, Christina Georgivia, Pewka Korfalevia, Isabelle Martin, Helena Mondesir, Emmanuelle Moreau, Muriel Raynaud, Elsa Szabo, Maluko Tanabe, Tvetelina Tomova, Plamev Valkof, Katia Vassilieva, Sylvie Raude

Alto :

Laurence Labesse, Philippe Laugier, Sylvia Penova, Metodi Poumpalov, Petia Somerdjieva, Caroline Simonot, Emmanuel Kirklar, Barbara Meier


Aude Brasseur, Marielle Laport, Philippe Nativelle, Anne Toscer, Irène Clément, Philippe Guille

Double Bass:

Karl Bauer, Marie-Sophie Laurens, David Jeanchoulès


Pierre-Simon Chevry, Jean-Philippe Grometto

French Horns:

Eric Deschamps, Laurent Pincemin


Frédérique Boivin

Musical Supervision:

Sirima and Philippe Delettrez

All vocal arrangements by Sirima

Backing vocals on "Ticket to the moon", "No reason no rhyme", "His way of loving me": Yvonne Jones, Slim Batteux and Bobby Helms

The crowd on "His way of loving me" included: Surani Barnfather, Alain Karadjian, Kahatra Sasorith, and Philippe Delettrez

Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Goldman for the male voice on "I need to know"

Children voice on "Kym": Morgan Jones, Constance Ambrosini, Amandine Chauveau

Male voice on "Kym" : Philippe!!

All other vocals by Sirima

Demonstration tape: Patrick Defays (thanks for your time and effort)

Photographs: Claude Gassian

Cover design: Sirima - Artistic work: Christine

Lyrics reprinted by permission - all rights reserved

Edition: Tchito Music

(C) (P) 1989 CBS Disques S.A. CD 465 804-2